Coffees selected for ‘Best of Honduras: Late Harvest’ auction

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Judges in Honduras have selected the coffees that will be judged in the 2019 instalment of the Project Origin ‘Best of Honduras: Late Harvest’ auction.


This is the fourth year this auction will take place, having been launched in 2016 by Project Origin founder, Sasa Sestic and General Manager Habib Maarbani.

Each coffee entered into the ‘Best of Honduras’ program is a late-harvested coffee, falling outside of the typical harvesting season due to micro-climates and slower ripening of coffee cherries.

From more than 100 different coffees entered into the program, 40 have been selected by a National Jury in Honduras as scoring 85 points and above. These coffees will then be judged by an International Jury of judges in late July before being released to an online auction.

2019 Australian Barista Champion, Matthew Lewin is no stranger to these late harvest coffees, having used a coffee from the 2018 auction to win the Australian Championship.

“The coffee I used at the Australian Barista Championships was a washed coffee from Santa Barbara that was sourced through the ‘Best of Honduras’ auction in 2018,” Matt said.

“It was really great to see a late harvested, micro lot from Honduras shine on the competition stage. I was extremely proud to use it.”

After winning the Australian Championship, Matthew also chose to use late-harvested Honduran coffee at the World Barista Championships in Boston, USA.

“I could have chosen some high-grown geisha or experimental coffee, but I really wanted to continue using these coffees from Honduras,” he said.

“I felt such a great connection to them, and I felt extremely proud to present these coffees on stage to the judges.”

From July 21-27, an International Jury of judges will taste and score the 40 coffees, selecting the top coffees to be released to the online auction.

The list of coffees for the 2019 Best of Honduras auction can be found here: Best of Honduras 2019 .

If you are interested in trying these coffees, sample packs of these coffees are currently available for purchase (email [email protected]).

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